At the Lake Ch.01

Greetings all. This is a new series I started up.

This series contains some group sex and lesbian scenes. Though the main part of this store will be based on two people who are not related, I put this under the incest category since there were interfamily relationships in the story.

Huge thanks to WA001 for the edits on this story

Note: The first chapter is a little short, but it was done that way as I felt stopping in a different spot would have not come out as well. Fear not as the other chapters will be posted shortly.

Premise: Friends take a trip to the lake for some well-deserved R&R


"Wake up! They'll be here in under an hour!" Krissy screamed at her brother as she pounded on the door. Her orange-red hair was held back taut in a ponytail with only some of her hair coming down the left side of her face. Her dark blue eyes narrowed as her anger hit a boiling point, "If you are not up and ready when they get here, we're leaving you behind!"

Chase groaned as he slowly woke up, "Alright, alright. I'm up," he responded back to her through the door.

"You better be. I don't give a damn if you helped pay for the trip. If you are not ready, we aren't waiting for your lazy ass," Krissy responded back to her brother.

"Honey, please watch your language," her mother responded from downstairs, "As long as you are under my roof, you won't use such words."

"Sorry Mom," Krissy groaned back as she rolled her eyes. "If he wasn't such a lazy ass, I wouldn't have had to get angry," she said under her breath as she left her brother's room to finish getting ready.

Krissy was the older of the two at 22 years old and her brother being just under 21. Her friends had been talking about doing a Spring Break trip for their last year of college before they graduated and possibly lost touch with each other. However, it was her brother's friend, Drake, who had suggested renting a pair of cabins near a lake in Tennessee. At first she was skeptical of Drake's intentions, as he had been trying to get into her pants, as well as her friend Jenna's pants as well. But when Drake and Chase, reluctantly, had brought them the total cost along with what they would get, they couldn't pass up that kind of steal.

At two-hundred fifty dollars per person for a pair of cabins that sat on just over a hundred acres of land and sat on a white sand beach near the lake that they had mostly to themselves was just too good to pass up. Not only that, Drake had told them there were other amenities as well but he wouldn't let them know about that until they were there.

Drake had even rented a SUV, with the help of her brother Chase, as none of their cars were big enough to hold all stuff they would bring, along with carrying the eight of them. She had gotten a text from her friend Meg that Drake was already at the rental agency to pick up the SUV and would be there afterwards.

Chase got up knowing that most of his stuff was already packed. He ran his fingers though his light brown hair as he tried to shake the sleep from his eyes. He still wondered, even on this day, why he'd bothered to go in the first place. The only girl among his sister's friends that he even barely had an interest in was Hannah or possibly Jenna. But knowing how his sister was a stone-cold bitch and would constantly torment him, he knew he didn't have a chance with either of them since they were her friends. Not just that, but any relationship that started with anyone his sister knew was doomed to fail. Her two cents would be added in every chance she got and he wasn't one to deal with a lot of drama.

He had even been invited to go to the beach for the week with two of his other friends and knew one of the girls from his class that had been flirting with him would be at a hotel near where his two friends were staying. However, his friend Drake could be pretty convincing, and he reluctantly decided to join his sister and her friends.

Chase hopped out of bed, grabbed his towel and headed to the bathroom to shower. As he left his room, he saw his sister headed to the same place and groaned. "I do hope you plan on wearing more than just your boxers when you go shower this coming week?" Krissy said with a look that made Chase want to just turn around and go back to bed.

Krissy had an almost perfect resting bitch face, and she would constantly have it on when interacting with her brother, whether she needed to not. "Actually, I was planning on walking around nude all the time," he replied with a grin.

Krissy broke out into a laugh and had to lean against the wall to keep her up, "Why so we can all get a good laugh?" she joked at him. She could see her brother getting angry and walked up to him so she was as close to his face as she could be before hugging him, "Come on now. We both know that thing is tiny," she finished before breaking out into a laugh again while hugging her brother.

Chase was angry but knew what his sister was talking about. One of her friends had mistakenly walked into his room while he was sleeping, and his dick just happen to be poking out the hole in his boxers. He didn't hear the end of it for months. However, what they didn't know was that he had jerked off six times that day and his cock was so exhausted and had gone back into hiding for some much needed rest.

He picked up his sister and threw her over his back, "Put me down you bastard!" she yelled as her fists pounded his back and her legs kicked.

"This is what you get for being a bitch and bringing that up," he said walking her to her room and dropping her on her bed.

Krissy screamed as he dropped her, and she bounced on the bed. She stared angrily at him as he looked down upon her. Chase then bent over and smiled at her with an evil grin, "If you really want to see how big I am, please call one of your friends over and I will show them," he whispered to her still smiling.

Chase turned around on his heel and strode out of the room with his head held high. He knew his dick wasn't the biggest, but it was bigger than average and all the ladies he had been with were quite satisfied with his size.

He headed into the shower and was done quickly before gathering his toiletries and heading back to his room wrapped in a towel. He could have worked out more and had a better-looking body but hadn't needed a reason or care to bother with it. None of the ladies had complained about his lack of a six-pack. Not that he was fat in any sense, he just wasn't that thin either.

After about thirty minutes, the doorbell rang and Chase was the first to answer it, "Hey bro. Ready to take a ride in the pimp mobile?" Drake said with a stupid grin on his face.

Chase rolled his eyes as he let his friend in, "That SUV isn't a pimp mobile, and you are not a pimp. At least not with this group."

Drake strode in with his usual cockiness, "That may be so, but we got some fine ass women coming with us and I intend to get laid this week. Hopefully with more than one."

"Just keep your ugly mitts off my sister, okay?" Chase responded, still feeling like this was a bad idea.

"And what if I want his ugly mug on me? He is kind of cute," Krissy stated as she came down the stairs and ran her finger along Drake's chest. She was wearing short jean shorts and a crop top with flowers on it that showed far too much skin for Chase's liking. Though her tummy was flat, she did have a slight bit of chubbiness to her but was able to carry it well and was proud of her body.

Chase could only shake his head and roll his eyes as his mind thought about his friend and sister together. That would be the worst for him and would cause him to transfer schools so that he wasn't around them anymore.

"Do be a dear and grab my bags sweetie. I left them just outside my room," Krissy said to Drake before giving him a kiss on the cheek as she stared down her brother.

Drake nearly tripped over himself as he dashed to the stairs and headed up to grab her bags. "Was that really necessary? Aren't women supposed to have some sort of pride where they can do anything without having to have a man involved?" Chase asked his sister, knowing she was only doing this to piss him off as she normally did.

"I never said I couldn't do it myself. But why should I, when I've got your friend wrapped around my finger and can get him to do anything I want?" Krissy asked with her eyebrow raised as she put her hands on her hips.

"You do know it has nothing to do with you, right? He would do anything for a female who is even moderately attractive, and thinks he has a chance to stick his dick into," Chase responded back with a pointed look before heading to the door with his suitcase. He only needed the one bag as he wasn't bringing close to what most of the ladies would bring.

Krissy shrugged her shoulders acting innocent, "That may be so, but at least I know something now."

"Oh yeah. And what is that exactly?" Chase asked as he turned around, obliging her to finish her statement.

Krissy sashayed over to her brother, making sure to shake her hips as much as possible, "You don't find me ugly. That is what I know now little brother," she replied with a smile as she tapped his cheek.

"I never said I thought you were ugly or that I hated you," Chase said as he turned to leave. Just as he got to the door and heard his friend trying to come down the stairs with his sister's luggage without falling and hurting himself, Chase looked over his shoulder as he half-turned to look at her, "I also didn't start this war, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit here and take all your shit every day and not fight back."

Chase and Krissy said goodbye to their parents before hopping into the SUV. Chase took shotgun while his sister sat in the back behind Drake. They headed over to Jenna's house next and pulled into the driveway. Krissy hopped out quickly and headed to the door.

Jenna answered the door in a crop top that was just as short as Krissy's and short orange shorts. "Hey girl, you ready to go?" Krissy asked as they hugged.

"Yep. Let me say by to my parents and grab my bags," Jenna responded with a sparkle in her eyes. She had been extremely excited for this week to come and it was mostly because he would be there. She had liked him for a while but hadn't had the nerve to express her feelings for him. She could only hope that this weekend she would have the opportunity to tell him how she felt.

"Just bring the bags to the door and I will have the guys grab them," Krissy replied with a wink. She then turned back to the SUV and called out to Drake and Chase. Drake had been talking to Chase about how hot both his sister and Jenna looked, but Chase was ignoring him as best he could. It wasn't that he found Jenna to be unattractive. It was more that his friend would include his sister all the time in talking about the dirty things he would do with her and that wasn't something that Chase wanted to hear about. "Hey boys. Can you help with the bags?"

Drake jumped out of the SUV, "Gotta get us some brownie points man. Come on." Chase groaned as he followed his friend to help with Jenna's bags. He never could understand why women would have three to four times the amount of luggage that men would have and yet be smaller than they were.

Once the SUV was loaded up, Jenna and Krissy came out of Jenna's house and headed to the SUV, "Hi Chase. How are you?" Jenna asked him as she felt a flush of heat hit her cheeks.

"Hey Jenna. Good how about you?" Chase responded back, not noticing the look she was giving him.

Before Jenna could respond back, Drake jumped up in front of her, "Hey there Jenna! You ready for a week of fun with the Drakemyster?" Drake asked her with a cocky grin on his face.

Both Jenna and Krissy rolled their eyes. They knew he was only out to get in their pants and wasn't the kind of guy they should be looking for. Not to mention how he treated those he didn't find attractive. "Hi Drake. Glad to see you made it safely," Jenna responded sarcastically. Both ladies hopped into the back seat while the guys were up front. They headed over to Meg's house to meet up with the other four.

Once they pulled into the driveway of Meg's house, both ladies hopped out, wondering how they were going to survive a five to six-hour drive with Drake acting like he's god's gift to women the whole time. Before they could get to the door, Meg answered, "Hey girls, you all ready for some fun this week?" Meg was wearing a pink striped tank top and short shorts. Her dyed blonde hair came to a rest over her shoulder and just above her breasts, the darker roots showing though. Sparkles filled her dark brown eyes as her happiness at seeing her two other friends shone through. Meg was by far the shortest of the group, but it had never bothered her as her friends were always supportive of her.

Jenna just nodded while Krissy responded, "Hells yes bitch! We're gonna have a lot of fun!" Krissy stated throwing her hands in the air and shaking her ass.

Hannah came out of the bathroom at that moment and smiled, "Damn right we are! When the five of us are together, the world is ours!" Hannah came out wearing a white dress with red roses on it. Her natural blonde hair came down just past her shoulders.

Jenna looked around confused, "Speaking of five, where is Su at?"

"She got up late and is finishing up getting dressed. She should be down in a minute," Meg replied with a shrug.

"She probably had to stay over so her parents didn't freak out again. I mean come on. She's 22 already. When are they going to stop treating her like a kid?" Krissy stated, glad that her parents weren't as strict as Su's were.

"Right? They can be a thorn in my ass sometimes," Su stated coming down the stairs, her long black hair swaying behind her. She was wearing a short blue dress that came up about mid-thigh.

"I mean, why can't they let you be. You have a 4.0 GPA and are working towards your doctorates in Psychology. They do know why right?" Krissy asked.

"Of course, they know. After having trouble with my older brother who is autistic throughout the years, they know I want to work with people who have autism so I can help them find better ways to help them. My parents of all people know how much my brother has been tormented," Su replied, feeling tears coming up in her eyes. Her brother had been teased throughout all his years in school and she had to be the one to step up and protect her brother that was four years her elder. Even now, he had problems interacting with people on a daily basis and couldn't hold a steady job without having a freak-out session or having someone teasing and tormenting him.

Su was pulled into a hug by all the girls as they hugged each other in one big group hug. Once the group separated, Meg spoke up, "Let's promise right now that we will stay friends no matter what happens. No man, distance or anything on this world will keep us from staying friends." All four ladies agreed and hooked arms together in a circle as they all giggled.

"Alright ladies. We ready to go?" Krissy spoke up.

She got nods all around with a groan from Meg, "Let me go get Greg up. He took a nap since he is going to be driving." The others giggled at her while Krissy headed back to the SUV.

"Hey girl. Can I ride with you guys?" Hannah asked as she came to catch up to Krissy.

"Of course, babe. But isn't there room in Greg's car?" Krissy asked confused to the question.

"There should be, but we're taking Meg's car and you know that backseat is cramped as it is without any bags back there. But with her trunk being full, I had to put my bags in the backseat and there isn't any leg room. Su is fine, though I don't know how. But I need more room," Hannah replied with a smile, hoping her friend would allow her to help.

"Of course. Though you will have to put up with my brother and Drake," Krissy replied rolling her eyes.

"I don't mind. Plus, I think your brother has a crush on me. Not exactly sure but I have caught him checking me out in the past," Hannah whispered to her friend as they neared the SUV.

"Ooo! Maybe we can mess with him on the way there," Krissy said with a mischievous grin as she looked at her brother who was oblivious to their conversation. Hannah nodded vehemently knowing that would be fun.

Meg came out of the house a few minutes later, "We have a couple more bags. Can you guys hold them in your car?"

A thought came to her head as Krissy responded, "Sure. Let me see whatcha got?"

Meg went to go grab the bags as Krissy called Chase and Drake to come help. As the guys were finding a way to get the bags in, Su finally came out with her last and smallest bag that she was going to keep with her.

"Uggh! Really? Why did he have to come?" Su asked looking at Krissy.

"He is my brother, and he did pay his part along with renting the SUV. Come on, he is only annoying to ..." Krissy started to say only to be cut off by her friend.

"Not your brother, him," Su said pointing to Drake. "I like your brother. He is sweet and doesn't act like a dick most of the time. Drake is an ass as he knows I won't suck his pencil dick."

Krissy laughed so loudly that the others looked at her. Su had to put her back towards the house so the guys didn't overhear what they said, "And here I thought none of you liked my brother."

"Nah babe. We are just like that around you most of the time. Actually, I think you and Hannah are the only ones that don't like him. Jenna, Meg and I like hanging out with him as he is sweet and listens to us unlike other guys. Not saying any of us want to date him or fuck him. Just saying that he is not bad if you give him a chance."

As Su walked away, Krissy began to think maybe she was the one that was being total bitch to her brother and not him starting it by being a world class dick. She remembered his words from earlier, "I never said I thought you were ugly or that I hated you. I also didn't start this war, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit here and take all your shit every day and not fight back."

As Krissy stood there with her mind reeling over what had taken place, Meg smacked her on the shoulder, "You okay girl? We are about ready to go."

"Y-Yeah. Just thinking about some things." Krissy looked over at her brother and started to see him in a new light. This didn't mean that she was going to turn full heel and start being the sweet big sister she should be. But maybe now she wouldn't torture him as much.

"You ready to have some fun?" Hannah asked giving Krissy a sly smirk. Krissy thought for a second and knew she couldn't go back on what she and her friend had come up with. But she would take a break on torturing him after that. She looked Hannah in the eyes and nodded.

"Alright everyone. Let's go. We'll stop by the gas station down the road to get some drinks and gas up and then we are hitting the road," Meg said as she gave her boyfriend a kiss as he moved around her car to get in.

Just as Chase was going to get into the SUV, riding shotgun, Drake stopped him. "Hey bro. I'm hoping to score this weekend and it would really help me if you would ride in the back. Gotta start my macking skills early if you know what I mean?" Drake asked him with a stupid grin on his face.

Chase groaned as he moved to the backseat door, "You fucking suck man. And this is the last time I put up with your shit like this, alright?" Drake nodded but knew his friend was a push over most of the time anyways.

"After you my lady," Drake said, opening the door for Jenna.

Jenna looked at him and huffed, "Thanks, I guess," she replied. She knew he was up to something and had hoped to sit next to someone else instead, specifically a certain other guy, but it was just the ride up there. There was still the whole week for her to express her true feelings. She just hoped her friend didn't get in the way or get upset about her confession.


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