The Girl Next Door Pt. 07

I got home from work a little after 5, and it took 30 seconds before my phone rang.

"Hello lover, how are you?" Roxanne's warm voice purred at me.

"Feeling better now that I am hearing your sexy voice."

"My parents are fast asleep, I picked them up at the airport at 3 PM, it was a very tiring flight, and they will be getting over jet lag. They are basically dead to the world, and since your iceberg is not home yet, I'll be right over."

In less than a minute, I heard the knock on the door, looked out, and saw Roxanne smiling at me, I quickly let her in. She stepped up, and growled, "Yeah, you want my cunt, don't you? Maybe I don't feel like it! If you want it, you'll have to take it!"

She marched past me haughtily, my eyes following her hungrily. Roxanne was wearing a tight skirt that climbed 6 inches above her knees, a tight silk blouse that accentuated the fact that she was bra-less, outlining her figure, the firm up-thrust 34C's, curvy hips, sleek sexy legs, and that sexy heart-shaped rump.

I followed her into the kitchen, where she basically ignored him. The teasing aspect was getting to me, I could tell she was running a fantasy, and I would be happy to make that fantasy a reality.

I quickly walked up behind her, grabbed her from behind, and pushed her down on the kitchen table. It took only a few seconds before I had whipped her skirt up, she was wearing black, crotchless panties, for easy access no doubt, and I grinned as I shoved my pants and shorts down as I did so. She struggled as I placed my legs between hers, grabbing her shoulders, pinning her down against the tabletop, as I lowered my body onto hers.

"You bastard, get off me, what are you doing?"

I slipped the buttons of her blouse, and reaching in, grabbed each breast, gripping them tightly as I placed my cockhead against her entrance.

"No, NO!"

"You said it, baby, 'If you want it, you'll have to take it!' "

I rammed my lust-hardened cock in, Roxanne letting out a shriek as she was forcefully opened up. I jammed every last inch in, my balls smacked against her pussy as I bottomed out.

"Ngghhhhh, nggghhhh, glawww."

I pulled back slightly and rammed forward again, my lust was whipped up, and I started to power fuck her hard and fast. I started to tug and tweak her nipples as I rode her.

"Ooooh, oh no, unh no - ohh, ohhh" Roxanne murmured as my rock-hard cock continued to stuff her. Oh yeah, I was enjoying the role-play, pumping my hard prick deep into Roxanne's tight teen pussy.

I felt the acceptance, her sweet hole opening up for me. I felt her juices start to splash my cock, she began wiggling her pelvis, thrusting her up-tilted hips against me.

"Mmmm, ooooh, yessss, I'm getting a good hard rape, keep raping my tight little cunt. Put me in my place, you big cock, rape me hard, I love it!"

She started to thrust back at me harder, rotating her sweet ass, her back arching in pleasure, soft moans issuing from her lips. The riding of my prick was all pleasure, and she was enjoying the fantasy aspect of being forced.

"Mmmmm, ohhhhh, yessss, mmmmm, ohhhhhhh."

I was seeing through a red haze of lust as I really laid the wood, pounding my hard cock deep in her eager cunt.

"Grab my tits and squeeze them, cum in me, make me cum all over a rapist's prick, flood my cunt!"

I grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, she screamed out "RAPE MEEEEE!" as she tumbled into orgasm, I went with her as I felt her cunt wrenching and spasming wildly, jetting thick globs of hot semen all over her cervix.

She looked over her shoulder at me and purred, "Mmmmm that felt so good, you don't know how much I needed that."

When we disentangled, we set ourselves back to rights. Once she was redressed, she looked so mild, so unlike the hot sex doll persona that had urged me on to 'rape' her. The dichotomy of her personality was a huge turn-on.

With a smile, she cooed, "Bella Italia again lover?"


After dinner, we were back home.

Roxanne smiled at me and said, "I'm just going to go home and check on Mom and Dad."

When she returned 10 minutes later, she cooed, "All is well. It looks like they had enough of a wake-up earlier, to get frisky. The sleepwear they had been wearing was stripped off and thrown about the room, and I could smell the scent of very recent hot fucking, when I looked in, they were fast asleep again. It's been 19 years, and they still have an active, and very enjoyable sex life. All well-matched couples should have that. If they did, Viagra sales would probably take a nosedive. What a lot of people need is just the enthusiasm of a willing and eager lover."

Her eyes were soft as she purred, "Take me like a lover, I need you again."

In the bedroom, I stripped her gently, kissing her all over, eager to bring her up to a fiery need with a lingering session of foreplay. With her standing over me, my face tight against her pussy, she let out soft cries of orgasm as the first one washed over her body. She took to the bed, urging me onward, and nudging against her I drove in slowly, eager to draw out the pleasure.

Buried to the hilt, she purred, "Oh yes, give me your love, just like the way it should be.''

I started a slow, unhurried rhythm, wondering if I should say it. Fuck it, my mind was thinking of nothing else.

"Oh yes, sweetheart, I love riding deep inside you, my wife to be."

Her eyes which had been closed, snapped open, staring into mine. She saw in my eyes that I was serious, she grunted, "Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm, oh yes, give me your love, my sweet husband to be!"

We made love, real love, no role play, just the giving to each other our total love. I felt the rise, and as Roxanne let out shrieks of joy, I let out a roar, and pumped my pulsing prick as deep as possible, jetting my load into her.

In the afterglow, she cooed, "Mmmm, wife to be, I love that so much. I am so looking forward to taking it to full-on wife."


As I unwrapped the foil covering on the top of the complimentary champagne, I reflected on what had transpired.

My wife never came home. Her 'business trip' was merely a covering for her sneaking away to get married to her boss. After the required notices for her to appear in divorce court were ignored, I was granted a quick divorce and awarded all the marital assets. When I had told Roxanne, we had fucked wildly in the master bedroom, and had set up plans.

Roxanne's dad was transferred to a subsidiary of his company, in Rome. That was perfect, when her Mom and Dad left for Rome, we had planned our marriage for 3 months later. I had put my house up for sale and went after an acreage 10 miles outside of the city. We agreed that her parents were going to be introduced to the idea gradually, that she was now married to their former neighbor, making it appear that our getting married was just a happy happenstance of falling in love well AFTER my divorce. The housing market was in good shape, and I was able to basically buy the acreage outright, with the hefty price my original home went for.

Lying in bed one night, in my new house, a month or so before our wedding, we were drifting on the soft clouds of post-coital bliss, Roxanne had purred, "I don't need all the expense and trappings of some big, showy church wedding, I just want you, my future husband. Let's do the fast way, a simple justice of the peace and two witnesses."


And here we were in the honeymoon suite at the Hilton. I uncovered the champagne cork and popped the top. I poured out two glasses, just as the bathroom door open, and Roxanne stepped out. She looked amazing, dressed all in virginal white, the snow-white demi bra, matching garter belt, stockings, and crotch-less panties. She turned this way and that, I saw the glow in her eyes.

"I wanted to present myself all in virginal white. Not our first time fucking, but the first time for our marriage. That was close enough to virginal for me, my loving husband."

I replied, "You look amazing, my beautiful bride."

I carried over our glasses, and she purred, "I feel so wonderful, being able to call you my loving husband, and hearing you call me your beautiful bride. I really feel like the happiest bride on Earth. "

We clinked our glasses and said in unison, "To us." After downing the glasses, she purred, "Now, let's go and do the best part, the consummation of our marriage."

As she led me to the bed, her body promising many nights and days of sexual pleasure, I reflected on what had started 7 months ago.

Our bodies came together, her welcoming pink hole eagerly swallowing my stiff cock, feeling the building up of hot, implacable lust. As I rode deep inside her buttery soft depths, the moans, grunts, and cries of pleasure filling the room, I had entered that new direction.

Our sounds were reaching a crescendo, I could feel our bodies moving heatedly, ready to explode. I had not been sure which way that direction was going to take me.

As I felt her legs tighten up around my waist, driving me in as deep as possible, the exquisite milking pull of her pussy fluttering wildly around my prick, and her loud cries of orgasmic pleasure, I let my load go into her welcoming womb and reveled in the fact that I would never have to look back, to lament on the road not taken.

The End


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