Family Service Call

Tereza was topless, tanning in her string bikini and waiting for the handsome repairman Raul. Raul always made her juices flow.

Soon she heard a whisper. "Wow, nice knockers." Tereza giggled and sat up, exposing her plump tits and long nipples. She turned to greet handsome Raul— And saw her BROTHER!

"Dammit Jakob!" Tereza covered herself. "Don't look at my tits and, where's Raul?"

"Don't know, don't care. Dad sent me on the service call." Jakob grinned." But sis you got an AWESOME pair of knockers."

Tereza flipped him off, noticing the lump in front of her brother's cut-offs. "Really Jakob, you got a boner from looking at me! Your own sister?"

"Yep." Jakob set down his tool bag, and Tereza saw his eyes checking out her half-naked body. "Wow sis, you're so gorgeous and sexy you could be a swimsuit model?"

Tereza's red anger turned into a pink blush. "Really Jakob? You really you think I'm that sexy?"

"Yes, and so do the plumbers at works. They said you make 'em hard as iron."

"Oh my gosh." Tereza flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder, exposing a perky boob to thank her horny brother. "Now Jakob you know I'm just a Plain Jane girl."

She pulled at the vee of her bikini bottom, releasing a few tufts of blonde pussy hair.

"Plain Jane? Hell sis, you're sexy as sin."

"Okay now, stop your flirting big boy." Tereza laughed. "Mother called for a repair but I don't know what's broken. Jakob you'll have to wait until she gets back." Tereza winked, rubbing her inner thigh.

"Why don't you take off your work-shirt and tan with me?"

"Sure!" Jakob yanked off his shirt and turned around, trying to adjust his crotch lump. But at the bottom of his shorts, she noticed his cockhead peeking out.

Seeing her brother's cock made Tereza feel weird but tingly. Her dark eyes looking deep into his green eyes. She flexed her leg so he could see the tiny string disappear between her pouting pussy lips.

His mouth fell open.

Tereza smiled, flicking her tongue. "Jakob, would you put some cool lotion on my back? I'm so frickin' hot."

"Yes you are sis. Damn hot." Jakob rubbed the lotion around. Tereza pulled the towel away, exposing her naked asscheeks separated only by the thin bikini string.

"Umm, that feels good, Jakob. Rub harder, I like it hard."

"Me too." His strong hands kneaded her back muscles. "Sis, let me work out some of your kinks. You feel tight."

"You're flitting again." Tereza giggled. "But I am tight. Very." Jakob moved up, straddled her thighs. Tereza felt his lump pressing on her butt as he rocked forward, massaging her taut muscles.

The large lump goosed her ass-crack as goosebumps covered her body.

"God, that feels great, Jakob!" Tereza giggled. "I've been so tense lately. Ever since I broke up with my boyfriend."

"I know what you mean. My girlfriend moved out months ago."

Tereza giggled. "I can tell boner-boy."

"Hey Super Model, if you like, I'll give you a full body massage."

"Oh yes! Please do, Jakob." He massaged Tereza's lower back and went lower. She arched up, offering her horny ass to his hands. Her body tingled under his firm hands.

"Fuck," she thought, "I haven't been this sexually aroused since forever!"

Tereza loved the massage and decided her brother deserved a special 'bonus.' Flexing her back, she humped her soft ass against Jakob's stiff bulge. Soon her pussy began to burn and itch with that 'familiar feeling.'

Tereza's nipples, tits, and twat were always aroused and ready to fuck.

She often climaxed when a date just licked her nipples or gave her a backseat finger-banging. Hell, her horny mound couldn't even touch a churning washing machine without Tereza climaxing so hard her knees collapsed.

Jakob kneaded her pillowy ass cheeks and pressed his lump on her moist mound. Her brother massaged deeper, smashing her aroused nipples against the beach towel.

"Oh... soo good Jakob." Tereza yearned to be fondled, filled with cock, and fucked. "Ohh Yess!"

Jakob pulled at the bikini string, sawing it against her pussy crack and clit. Tereza's love-button popped up, and her entire body quivered. Suddenly Jakob squirted lotion into her ass-crack. In her sexual frenzy, the warm globs felt like hot sperm.

"Oh gawd that's so..." Her pussy quivered. "Naughty." She envisioned her brother's swollen prick slamming into her simmering pussy...or maybe up her ass.

Jakob scooped up some lotion, lightly brushing it along her blonde crotch. Tereza spread her knees a little to give him access to her sex-slit. Jakob slid his fingers up her arms, rubbing the sides of her tits.

"Fuck." Tereza's plan was working, but she wished he hurry up. "Jakob you're driving me crazy." Tereza sat up, letting her naked tits and nips swing free.

Jakob whistled, and she noticed his zipper about to burst. She yanked the zipper down, freeing her brother's boner...a fucking lovely boner. Jakob groaned as she squeezed his shaft and gripped his heavy balls.

Her brother noticed the tufts of blonde pubic hair peeking out from her string bikini. "Sis I want to see you naked."

Tereza slowly untied her bottoms. But Jakob dropped his head and gripped the string bikini in his teeth, like a dog. He ripped it off, pulled the string through her ass and pussy crack, making her holes shiver.

"Ooh that tickles. "Jakob's thick shaft jumped in her small hand. "It feels beastly."

Tereza giggled and rubbed the tip over the wet slit. She even teased her brother by brushing it across her tingling asshole. She'd never had a cock in her ass. Not yet.

But right now, Tereza needed Jakob's thick cock inside her burning twat! Her pussy lips swelled up like puffy bumpers, nature's way of guiding a raging cock into her pink tunnel.

Jakob eased his prick between her puffy lips into her open hole. Tereza's pussy muscles flexed, gripping his cock. Her legs clamped on his hips as she pulled up, impaling her tiny twat on his long pole.

Fucking slowly, Jakob pushed in and out of her fuck- tunnel. Tereza patted her brother's ass, trying to get him to fuck faster. But, after a few more strokes, Jakob stopped and held his prick inside her without moving.

"Don't stop dammit! Fuck me Fiercely!"

"Okay sis! You want fucked—You get fucked!"

Jakob reared back and shoved in, driving his jackhammer deep into her hole. It felt like it would pop out of her throat. Her brother fucked faster, his balls slapping against her ass as he pushed her legs over his shoulders.

Tereza's pussy was wide open to his cock assault, and she squirmed when his prick hit the bottom of her pussy. "Oh wow Jakob." He grabbed a tit in each hand, and clenched them until they turned red.

"Here it comes, sis! I'm going to fill your little hole with my jizz."

"Jakob, screw my pussy! Cum in me, shoot your load." Tereza felt his dick erupt, filling her tunnel with hot spurts of incestuous cum. "Oh fuck bro, I'm cumming too!" Her back arched up in orgasmic spasms.

Jakob thrust dick deeper, pounding the bottom of Tereza's cunt. She felt more seed shoot into her depths.

After the last spurt he collapsed on her tits with his balls resting her dripping crack. Tereza hugged and kissed her brother for the first time ever.

But kissing her brother felt naughtier than fucking him. Oh well. They shared a cigarette while staring at the clouds. Tereza caressed Jakob's wonderful fuck-stick.

Jakob leaned down, kissing Tereza, with their tongues twisting together. Tereza felt her aroused nipples pressed into his chest, and his cock hardened against her thigh. Tereza broke their kiss.

"Wait a minute big brother! You just screwed my brains out, and now you want more pussy?"

"More of anything." He winked. "I've never fucked a girl so hard, hope I didn't hurt you, Tereza?"

"No Jakob, you didn't do any permanent damage. But I have to pee." She pushed Jakob off her body, picked up her bikini, and grabbed his semi-limp cock. "Big boy let's go inside for an appetizer before lunch."

"What about my tools, Tereza?"

She gripped his prick. "This is the only TOOL you'll need!" They walked into the house naked, and the air-conditioning made her nipples and areolas puff up. Soon they sat on the sofa.

Tereza giggled when her brother grabbed her hair and pushed her face toward his cock. "I know what you want." She kneeled naked in front of her brother.

Soon Tereza had a mouthful of her favorite meat, hard cock. She took Jakob's boner deep in her mouth, sucking his knob as her tongue slithered along his shaft.

Gripping Jakob's balls, Tereza bobbed her head up and down faster, sucking and swallowing, with her throat muscles milking his long prick.

"Wow," Jakob groaned. "That's it, sis! Suck it!"

Tessa eagerly took the head of his manhood down to her tonsils and felt his cock-shaft swelling up. Then Jakob's balls jumped as he spewed!

The first shot went straight down Tereza's throat. She swallowed down her brother's incestuous cum. The second spurt covered Terzas pouting lips.

She licked the sperm off just as more spurts splattered across her face and dribbled down her tits. Tereza sucked and swallowed the last dribbles of her brother's fuck-cream.

Tereza looked up at Jakob, watching his funny face as she licked the last drop out of his pee-hole. She held her mouth open, proudly displaying the lewd mixture of spit and cum.

Then she swallowed, wiped her mouth, and stood up.

"Now I'm hungry, so hungry I could eat a horse-dick hotdog!"


Tereza made lunch for Jakob and seductively rubbed her body against him while he ate. They traded naughty squeezes until their mom, Marla, walked into the kitchen.

Tereza waved. "Hey mom, Jakob's here to fix something. But I didn't know what needed fixed so we waited for you and fucked around. Literally."

Jakob noticed his mother's tight shorts and nice camel toe. And her tube top was so tight the bottom of her tits hung out. Mom never used to dress that slutty.

"Son, after lunch, I'll show you the plumbing problem. Oh and Jakob since you and your dad moved out, your sister and I have grown closer. Haven't we, honey?"

They both dropped their tops. Tereza smiled and pressed her boobs against her mother's. Jakob's eyes widened when he saw their mouths smash together for a tongue kiss.

The topless women sucked each other's aroused nipples. Noticing a damp spot in the front of Tereza's bikini, Jakob felt his boner stiffen. Marla squeezed Tereza's tits, pinching the nipples.

"Does this feel nice honey?" Tereza smiled and nodded. "Daughter can I kiss you... down there?" Jakob watched Tereza close her eyes as Marla sucked her pussy... until Tereza's knees collapsed in climax.

Tereza stood up with a crazed look in her eyes.

Shoving her mother against the wall, Tereza's tongue plunging between Marla's splayed pussy lips, lapping with wild passion at her mother's spasming twat.

Then the two women stared directly at Jakob, licking their lips. "Did you like our sex show?

"Wow ladies, I had no fucking idea. Do whatever the fuck you want. You both seem mighty skilled at twat licking." Jakob felt his swelling cock wiggle out for a peek. Tereza and his mom pointed at it and giggled.

"Oops." Jakob quickly slid his boner back into his shorts. "Mom, now show me the plumbing problem."

"Walk this way, son. And bring your tool." Marla walked down the hallway giggling and wiggling her bouncy booty.

Jakob often dreamed of fucking that nice booty. She stopped at the bathroom sink and bent over, bumping her butt against Jakob's crotch.

Marla pointed under the sink. "There's a leak under there, stepson. Could you fix it?" She asked with her ass pressed against his thick crotch. Jakob's boner throbbed to attention.

"Oh fuck...I'd be happy to, mom. Jakob looked under the sink and bumped his head. "Ouch!"

"Did you hurt yourself, Jakob?" Marla grabbed his head. "Here, let me take a look." She pressed Jakob's face between her bulging titty flesh, with his nose in his cleavage.

"Jakob I wish you were my real son, so I could've breastfed you." She laughed. "But it's never too late."

Jakob went back to fixing the sink leak. Marla stripped off her shorts and panties and squatted on the toilet seat. "Mind if I shave? I always shave my pussy on Saturdays. Marla giggled and lathered her twat stubbles with shaving cream.

"I like a bald pussy, don't you, son?"

"Really Mom?" His mouth dropped. "Should you be doing that in front of ME?"

"Why not? I'm mean you've seen my pussy before. All those times you peeked in my shower. Son, you're handy. Be a good handyman and help mommy shave her pussy." She flashed a wicked grin while rubbing her foamy twat.

"Sure mom, but your making my prick so stiff it hurts."

"Okay, let mommy help your wienie."

Marla licked his massive length and smooth balls and sucked on his prick like a calf seeking its mother's milk. But Jakob wanted to fuck her nice booty.

"Mom, get on your hands and knees. I'm going to screw your tight ass. Marla frowned but dropped to the floor, raising her plump rear-end. Jakob pushed the tip of his cock into her ass-crack slid into the tight anus orifice.

His mom squirmed. "Ouch! Son you've grown big."

"Yes it has." He pushed in further, reaming out his mom's little butthole with long strokes. Jakob reached down, fingering his mom's swollen clitty and his prick pounded faster, screwing deep into her wiggling butt.

"Oh, son... That hurts!" His corn-holed mother squealed as Jakob's big balls slapped her pussy lips. "Oww, this is too much! It hurts but... I'm going to cum! I'm cumming... NOW!!!!"

Jakob felt his mom buck up in orgasm as his hands gripped and mauled her firm tits. She wiggled and squirmed below him, causing his prick to erupt. Her clutching anus tugged and milked Jakob's spewing cock.

After the last jolt, his mom slumped to the floor, and his cock popped out of her ass. Jakob watched her wide gaping asshole for a second before it winked shut.

She wiped the tears from her eyes. "You've got your jollies. Now be a good son and take care of mommy's burning twat." She spread her legs like a good mom, and Jakob stabbed into her cunt with a thrusting fuck

Marla lifted her legs up. And Jakob plowed in deep, hitting the bottom of her cunt. His mom had the strongest pussy muscles he'd ever felt. She raised her chest.

"Suck my boobs, son! I want to breastfeed you."

Jason sucked his mother's tits as her hungry pussy sucked his prick. Her muscles cunt clutched his shaft with every fuck-stroke. He fucked faster, biting her rubbery nipples... and soon they climaxed again. Jakob's hot cum busting into his mom's spasming pussy.

He felt her cunt juice cover his hairy balls. Then they collapsed into each other, still entwined. Jakob kissed his mother until his cock grew limp.

"Stepson I didn't think you'd ever get soft." She smiled. "Thanks for that service call. Please cum again... and again!"

Tereza walked into the bathroom. "Jakob, you look worn out from too much family fucking. You better spend the night and finish that repair tomorrow.

The horny women giggled as they tugged Jakob to their new, king-sized bed.

In the morning, Jakob woke up under the cock-kisses of his sister and mother... and the naked family rolled around in bed, enjoying their first Ménage à Twat.


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