Detective Submission, Boss's Wife

Detective Ling Wong knew there was a problem when she was invited to the home of the Police Commissioner that night. They'd never even had private conversations before, much less a home meeting.

She had given court testimony in the morning and was involved in two active investigations, so she was already exhausted that night. But for a discreet meeting with the boss, she was interested in whatever this was about.

They were left alone in the rustic style living room with dark wooden furniture. A maid brought them coffee and pastries before exiting. A fireplace was burning nearby.

"I know I can trust you," Michael said. "We have similar interests. I know all about how you solved that major investigation last year."

Never breaking her poker-face, Ling was aghast, but unsurprised that the news got out. A year ago, the nation was gripped by a cult that was committing random macabre murders which resulted in the largest police investigation in the city's history.

Ling was a new detective -- the first Asian female on major crimes -- and she was responsible for ending the murder spree thanks to a secret source. A highly-connected prison inmate gave her vital information after pressing her for sexual favors. She gave what all men behind prison want besides their freedom; a female detective's body.

That case can be found here:

Detective's Body, Prison Toy

"How many people know?" she asked, keeping the tone respectful.

"Not many. Some of the action was caught on surveillance cameras and the Warden showed me. Don't worry, I requested that the footage be deleted."

"You could have ruined my life and career. I'm assuming you want a favor."

Michael nodded, sipping coffee in between. "Today would be the day. I need help from someone like you."

For once, she saw a crack in the powerful man. Before coming here she had no idea how serious it would be. Now she knew. And she was certain that this man would never reveal the info of what she did in prison.

"You can tell me," Ling said. "It will stay between us."

Michael leaned forward, laying it all out. "My wife has sex with other men. And I watch it happen. It's been that way for nearly 20 years."

It took a lot of courage for a proud man to admit something like that, Ling thought. The admission was spoken confidently, without a trace of remorse or embarrassment, even though it must have been tough.

"Are you being blackmailed?" she asked.

"Something like that. By someone on the police force."

"Do you know who it is?"

"Not yet. I want to show you something. I trust that everything stays between us."

She nodded. "Confidentiality is part of my job."

The commissioner reached for an envelope and handed it to the detective. Ling opened it and saw a series of photographs in a fancy bedroom. Pictures of the boss's wife with a younger man on top. Both naked. Three other naked men were waiting for their turn.

Included was a typed letter:



Who knew that the city's most distinguished lawyer is also a hotwife? Your wife is a real beauty and she looks so good with her legs spread. It would be a shame if this were made public. Both of your reputations would be in pieces. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Until further notice, nothing changes. Tell no one. Your wife continues going to these events. If she doesn't show up and perform, these pictures will go to every news outlet in the city. They'll be posted online and will be sent to the heads of the police department.

Don't be a hero in this situation. You can't win.

We'll keep in touch


After reading the note, Ling turned her attention back to the Commissioner, who looked thoroughly humiliated.

"I got that letter months ago," Michael said. "My wife continues attending these sex parties and the blackmailer keeps sending us new pictures. That's how this works. It's been difficult for us."

"Do you have enemies I should know about?"

"You're still a young woman. Someday you'll understand that power is a dangerous thing that breeds many enemies. Anyone could be doing this. That's my problem."

They both sipped their coffee and Ling was given a moment to digest the news and think about things. Behind the Commissioner's confidence was a man who knew his career and reputation would be over at any moment if this wasn't resolved.

Ling pointed to a photograph. "I know two of these men standing in the background. One is a detective who I've worked with. The other is a cop I've seen on patrols."

"Everyone in those photographs are law enforcement. It's a high stress job and men want relief. But we can't hire escorts because it'll draw too much attention, so we share our wives instead. It's a longstanding tradition. Simple as that."

"When it comes to men and sex, I shouldn't be surprised anymore."

"You're a cold-blooded lady," he joked. "Now for the big question, Detective Wong; what do you think about all this?"

She answered immediately, "I think if this person wanted to blackmail you, it would have happened already. This person is playing games. It could be a personal vendetta. Why would a law enforcement agent who participates in these events expose the wife-swapping?"

"You pose an interesting thought. It's like torture having my wife continue with this. Absolute torture."

Ling tapped the stack of photographs. "Where were these taken?"

"The members-only resort. In one of the bedrooms. We rent a section of that place for our private use."

"Could it be an inside job? Someone at the resort with access to every room? It would make sense because an employee could plant the recording device and remove it at any time."

"That's for you to investigate," he said.

Ling stared directly into his eyes. "Why did you bring me here? I'm sure you have connections with counter-operation agents with far more experience than I have."

"I can't rock the boat within the department," he replied. "I can't go around asking the best agents to find out who's doing this, because those guys attend the same orgies. I'm the fucking Police Commissioner, do you understand? I have to project order. If there's a public scandal brewing, I'd be gone. That's it. My job is terminated."

"Yes, you're right," Ling agreed. "For the sake of our police department, I'll look into this."

"I will give you $50,000 in cash if you find the cunts that took these pictures. And I will personally make sure that you can lead whichever unit or criminal division you want. What do you think?"

"Sir, we both know I can't accept that."

Michael scoffed. "No? Cut the shit, detective. You're helping me with this. No one else needs to know. Ever. But I have to warn you, it won't be easy."

In that moment, Ling could see why the boss was the boss. The man refused to accept an answer he didn't like.

Wife That Men Love to Fuck

Hannah's perfect life collapsed when her husband showed her the pictures and letter. She saw herself naked in bed, feet up, while another man was having sex with her. She had long been assured that this would never be used against her.

As much as she wanted to blame her husband, this was her doing too. Hannah was excited at the prospect of having new partners all those years ago. 16 years, to be exact. They talked about it over a romantic dinner and saw this as a way to keep their sex life vibrant. Her husband was a police detective back then.

The possibility of joining an orgy seemed deliciously exciting, even though it was against her public persona. Hannah was a novice lawyer at the time and her expertise was civil rights. She was frightened that her reputation would be ruined, but her husband assured her repeatedly, over the course of months, that these people could be trusted.

After it started, the rest was unstoppable. The men on the police force loved and respected her. She started with one guy while her husband watched. Years later it grew to two, three, then even more. Gangbangs became a new part of her vocabulary.

New sex acts were introduced and Hannah enjoyed trying out new things. The dirtier the better. The more salacious, the more she wanted it. It was a journey of body and mind. A secret outlet to escape the stressful legal world.

In the years since, she became a prominent figure in the city. Currently, she has her sights on running for statewide office. Civil rights and public policy had been her life's calling since being a law student, now she was on the verge of bigger things.

"Are you sure this will work?" she coldly asked her husband.

It had been weeks since the pictures arrived and she'd just gotten home after a long day meeting with city officials. She was still dressed in her office clothes and the stress lines were showing on her face. At her middle-age, her focus should be on family and career -- not brewing sex scandals.

"There's no choice," Michael replied. "She's agreed to handle this situation for us."

Hannah was given a picture of Detective Wong, along with a police profile on this detective. At a glance, the detective had an excellent record and was famous for solving a major murder investigation.

"She's pretty. Did you fuck her?"

He shook his head, disappointed that this was asked. "No, I don't have a personal relationship with her. She has sharp eyes, an investigative mind, and men really want a piece of her. No one would suspect her, which is a good thing."

"I'd like to meet with her beforehand."

"Sure, of course. I'll arrange a meeting."

Hannah nodded then left to go change her clothes. Deep down she was still furious that she was in this situation. But she was an optimist. She loved her husband and prayed they'd eventually get through this. It all depended on the detective.

Days later, she got her wish when her husband was out having dinner with colleagues.

She laid eyes on Detective Wong being escorted into the home by the maid. Although she thought the detective was attractive in pictures and tv, she felt the detective was even more beautiful in person, wearing a casual outfit of a blouse and jeans.

They exchanged pleasantries and Hannah was embarrassed knowing that the detective had seen sexual photos of her in a gangbang. But then again, she saw the detective in compromising photos during that prison interrogation, so the feeling must have been mutual.

No time was wasted and they went to the bedroom after sending the maid away. She had no desire to make friends with the detective. As far as she was concerned, this was purely a business transaction. Her husband was paying a lot of money and she expected every dollar to be worth the investment.

Hannah lifted an eyebrow. "Outside of sex with prison inmates, have you ever done anything like this before?"

Being the boss's wife had its perks, as it was obvious that the detective was annoyed by the question but could do nothing about it.

"I've only recently learned about these sex parties," Detective Wong answered. "I've agreed to accompany you. Officially I'm checking things out to see if I'd be interested -- unofficially, I'm doing surveillance."

Hannah centered herself. This was the most stressful period of her life. She was used to being loved, and giving love in return. Not being the victim, made to feel so very helpless.

"I apologize for my tone," she said. "Really, I'm sorry. As you can imagine, this has been a horrible nightmare. I never thought I'd be in this position."

The detective brushed it off. "There's no need to apologize."

"Thank you. I appreciate what you're doing for us. Do you mind if I just be blunt?"


"I'm not looking to be friends," Hannah said firmly. "I'm not looking for sympathy or a shoulder to cry on. And I don't want you feeling sorry for me. All I want is for this to be over with."

"That's understandable. You arranged this meeting with me today. I'm assuming you want to go over some things."

Now that the ice was broken and the tension was largely cleared, it was time to get serious. Important steps needed to be taken.

"Remove your top," Hannah said. "All of it. If you're going to attend these parties, then you'll have to look... like less like a cop."

She was surprised that the detective compiled so easily, but without emotion. There was almost a robotic, emotionless vibe as the detective removed her blouse and bra, trying to hide outward feelings about it, as if this were only a job.

Before long, with the clothes placed neatly on a nearby table, Detective Wong stood topless in the bedroom. Her breasts flat with pale white skin. Her nipples black and protruding.

Hannah eyed the detective's measurements and went to the closet to retrieve a small piece of lingerie; a black silk-lace babydoll.

"I've been doing this a long time," Hannah said, handing the detective the lingerie. "At my age, I'm one of the women in charge of helping new wives join these parties. Think of me as a teacher."

The detective took the lingerie and wore it. The fabric of the babydoll was sheer, leaving the skinny white chest and stomach showing. The cups were small, covering the detective's breasts, but there were tiny openings in the center of each cup, allowing the nipples to poke through. The detective got the hint and adjusted the cups to let her nipples out.

"Open nipple lingerie," Hannah said. "They're always a party favorite. I'm surprised more women don't wear them for their husbands."

"Well, you may be shocked to hear this, but I've never been married, and I've never worn lingerie before. This is my first time wearing anything so provocative."

"Figures. You've never even dressed sexy for a man in the bedroom?"


"But you like sex, don't you?" Hannah asked with a lifted eyebrow.

"Within reason. Everyone likes sex."

"Well, I think you look sexy. The cops will go crazy when they see you like this... especially with those nipples of yours. Men love big nipples."

"I've noticed," the detective replied.

She could tell that the detective was uneasy about using her body this way, and that her colleagues on the police force would be seeing her in a drastically new light. But this is what Michael was paying for. Loyalty. Dedication.

"How should we do this?" Hannah asked. "I'll entertain the men, while you go snooping around?"

"That's the plan. I've studied the layout and I'll look for places where cameras can be hidden. I'll also look for suspicious behavior. We'll find strategies to shake the tree, so to speak. I have good eyes and a photographic memory."

"I can see why you're so highly touted. You make it sound so easy."

"It's not," Detective Wong replied. "Not when sex is involved."

Hannah pursed her lips. "Thank you for doing this. I know it can't be easy for you. You must think I'm a whore."

"I think you're a woman who enjoys sex and now you're the victim of a crime. It's the blackmailer who's the wrongdoer, not you."

It was an understatement that Hannah 'enjoys sex.' Realistically, sex was a defining part of her life and marriage. No one would ever suspect that her sex life is what it was. And that was all the more reason why she had to go through with this. She'd work too hard as a lawyer to let it all go to waste.

The only question remained, did the detective have the stomach for something like this? Hannah wondered how thoroughly the detective had been briefed. Sex parties aren't for everyone. They take time to get used to.

Looking at the detective's nipples, Hannah felt a bit guilty. She'd be leading this woman into a world of men with excessive sexual desires. Certain women are built to withstand that many cocks, some aren't.

During this meeting, she noticed the detective's withdrawn and somewhat robotic movements. Some men like that sort of thing, some don't. Hannah provided a mini-coaching session, teaching the detective how to walk. How to work that skinny figure in that sort of lingerie. The detective was naturally apprehensive, but Hannah was persistent about it.

The stakes were high and she needed this rigid detective to blend in to the sexual experience, or else the blackmailer would spot this operation a mile away.

Women Who Are Made Submissive

To the outside world, the resort was hosting yet another party. Valet took care of the well-dressed guests. The men were top brass of the police department, some detectives, and a few lucky police officers who were chosen for their physical prowess. The women accompanying them were their wives.

Hannah greeted them in the lobby with hugs and kisses, because make no mistake about it, a closeness existed amongst them. Sharing deeply intimate encounters creates strong bonds.

But a question lingered. Were one (or more) of these people her blackmailer? Could someone she fucked for years have turned on her? It broke her heart. It made her sick. She forced a smile as she embraced everyone.

As expected, the men were in disbelief seeing Detective Wong standing a few feet behind her, dressed in a silk blouse and pencil skirt with heels, her black hair in a ponytail, and makeup done glamorously. It was a new side to the detective's appearance that Hannah put together.

"Detective Wong, is that you?" a sergeant asked, checking out her body.

"So, the woman with nerves of steel has a sex drive," another man added.

"I'm a guest tonight," Detective Wong answered with a deceptive charm. "An intrigued invitee, you could say, after years of being invited to these events."

Each of the men bought into the lie. It was so easy. Hannah could see the men licking their chops, eager for a piece of whatever that Asian detective could offer. The wives, on the other hand, greeted the detective as if welcoming a new member of the sisterhood.

The party started shortly after drinks were served. Inside the resort showed why this place was exclusive. The design was something out of the renaissance era. European paintings on the walls and artwork on the ceiling. Dark wooden furniture. A massive chandelier that hung so beautifully.

24 guests had arrived to use the various rooms. A lounge area, pools, hot tubs, and several bedrooms were at their disposal.

When the doors closed and the staff placed "Do Not Enter" signs around the private area, the fun began.

Hannah was the oldest woman in the group, so it was customary that she started things off and led the wives. She shimmied out of her black dress, letting it fall to the carpet like a gift unwrapped. Her bra was open cup, so her large breasts and coral-pink nipples were already bare. Her panties were crotchless, letting her butt and pussy show.

Being the first was always the hard part. Once the ball got rolling, other women stepped out of their dresses as well. Sexy undergarments were worn and some were happy just being naked. Women were like prey as men made their selections for the night.

Eyes turned to Detective Wong, who seemed apprehensive standing on the side. Hannah felt bad that the detective now had to undress, but then again, she reminded herself of the money and favors her husband was giving this woman.

Hannah decided to make things easier for the detective (and a bit more erotic for all the guests involved) and helped remove the detective's blouse and pencil skirt, revealing the black silk-lace babydoll lingerie hidden underneath. The long dark nipples remained protruding through the openings of each cup.

Looking at the men, Hannah could tell that the top brass of the police really wanted to fuck the detective. In her opinion, it wasn't just that Detective Wong was a beautiful woman. It was also that Detective Wong was smart, stoic, and was a quasi-celebrity from breaking the macabre murder case a year ago. Conquering the detective would certainly be a gold star on any policeman's sexual record.


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